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Connecterview is the world's first marketplace for interview preparation. Interviewees can connect with interviewers, previous interviewees and hiring managers from the company they are interviewing for - all this done completely anonymously. Additionally, if you have interview knowledge to share, Connecterview is one of the best known ways for you to monetize that knowledge.

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Why Should You Choose Connecterview?
  • Vetted Interviewers and Past Interviewees

    We vet all interviewers, interviewees and interview jobs posted on our platform. You can be assured that you're speaking to or getting material from qualified sources.

  • Pay Only After You're Satisfied

    Even though we vet all sellers, you pay only when you're satisfied. Additionally, all transactions are anonymous. You be assured that your identity will not be revealed during the transaction.

  • Community Rated

    All interview sellers posted here are voted on by the community. You can choose from the best and rate your interviewer at any given point of time.

How does Connecterview work?
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  • Search for Interviewers and Part Interviewees

    If you're interviewing for a particular position at a particular company, chances are pretty high that there is someone at Connecterview that you can connect with to give you the inside scoop.

  • Connect with Them and Rate Them

    Connect with interviewers and past interviewees from your target company, learn from them, have a call, a Skype meeting, a presentation etc. etc. and prepare well for your interview. After you're done, rate them and then pay for their services.

  • Share Your Interview Knowledge and Make Money

    Ace your Interview, come back here and share your knowledge anonymously with other candidates looking for the information.